Producing More than Milk

Producing More than Milk

Anaerobic Digester System

The manure methane digester converts enough manure each day to supply electricity for Pagel’s Ponderosa, as well as all of Kewaunee and Casco!

  • Utilizes a 20-cylinder
    Caterpillar engine
  • Engine has an 1,100 kW capacity
    – enough energy to power Kewaunee and Casco!
  • Pagel’s Ponderosa’s cows have
    generated over 4.2 million kWh!

Methane Digester System Yields a Valuable Byproduct

Benefits of converted manure:

  • Provides natural, neutral, low-cost bedding for cows
  • Fertilizer that provides good organic matter and nutrients
  • No smell!
  • Dramatically reduces dairy methane gas into atmosphere
  • A great weed-free soil amendment for gardens

Bio-Solids contain:

  • 70% moisture
  • 11# per ton nitrogen
  • 5.75# per ton phosphorous
  • 5# per ton potassium