As of 2012, Pagel’s Ponderosa…

John T Pagel, Dustin Pagel, Jamie Witzpakel, J.J. Pagel, Bryan Pagel

John Pagel and the next generation. Dustin, Jamie, JJ and Bryan 

* Employs over 100 people from the local community!

Pagel’s Ponderosa employees are like family. Occupations on the farm include:

Administrative Assistant


Assistant Calf Manager

Artificial Inseminator Technician

Bedding Technician

Bovine Pedicure Specialist

Breeding Technician

Calf Manager

Construction Manager

Cow Mover

Custom Crop Harvester

Dairy Herd Manager

Digester Technician



Feed Technician

Fresh Cow/Maternity Manager

Heifer Specialist

Human Resource Assistant

Maintenance Manager

Maternity Technician

Milking Parlor Technician


Office Manager

Parlor Manager

Relief Parlor Technician

Reproduction  Manager

Shift Leader

Shop Mechanic

Truck Driver



What you sow, so shall you reap!

* 8300 acres (rotated for minimum erosion)

* Feed Bunkers hold 100,000 tons of feed

for silage

* 400 acres/day of corn planted in Spring

* 600 acres/day of alfalfa harvested in Fall

* 4500 tons of corn harvested daily in Fall

Home is where the herd is…

2 barns, each 3 football fields long, holds 1750 cows

Bedding is made of Bio Solids from the Methane Digester making a comfy mattress-a comfy cow produces more milk!

Barns are temperature controlled for cow’s comfort with a 7 mph breeze

Other cow comforts include: Foot wash, Hot tub, (for those sore cow muscles), Shower area (just before milking) and a special birthing area